В связи с изменениями правил остановки и стоянки общественного транспорта у метро «Ботанический сад» расписание маршрутного автобуса изменено
We are also glad to invite you to visit the best Moscow FREE tour, where you will see the iconic historical places of the city and walk around with a professional guide.
Гостиница «Турист» совместно с Цирком танцующих фонтанов АКВАМАРИН проводят совместную Акцию.
One of the most famous and interesting winter places in Moscow is the ice skating rink at VDNKh, which is very close to us.
The Moscow Cathedral Mosque, which is unique in architecture, history and cultural value, invites guest for excursions. Hotel guests have the opportunity to get discounts on individual excursions or organized group excursions.