Excursions to the Moscow Cathedral Mosque


Dear guests!

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque invites you for excursions!

The mosque was founded in 1904 and even in the years of repression directed against the clergy (during the Soviet era), the mosque continued to work. The mosque was reconstructed and its construction was completed in 2015. The grand building with a total area of ​​18 900 m2 (204,000 sq.ft.), allows it to accommodate more than 10,000 worshipers. The complex of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque includes new prayer halls and the reconstructed part of the historical area. The great symbolism of minarets, interiors and Islamic calligraphy will not leave anyone indifferent. The renovated mosque has six floors, several prayer rooms and ablution rooms for men and women.

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque will surprise everyone with its unique architecture and rich interior. There is an opportunity to visit the Museum of Islam, to get acquainted with the traditions and daily life of Muslims.

An especially beautiful thing is a view of Moscow from a high point, which opens from the observation deck, located on a minaret, that is 79 m (87 yds.) high.

While visiting the mosque, you will learn the history of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque and its architectural features, what  Islam is and the history of Islam in Russia, in addition to what are the main moral and ethical values ​​of Muslims.

You will be interested to know what is shahada, namaz, fasting, zakyat and hajj, the "seal of the prophets" and about what scriptures Qur'an refers to.

Excursions service includes:

  • Excursions for different groups (pupils, students and adults);
  • Convenient parking for tour buses;
  • Separate wardrobe for tourists;
  • Ability to try traditional Tatar cuisine, buy sweets, visit the gift shop.

Tours are conducted daily, except Fridays.
Duration of the tour is 1 hour.
Prices for groups of 15 to 45 people:

  • Adult ticket - 200 rubles;
  • Children’s ticket (under 18 years) - 100 rubles;
  • Pre-school children - free of charge.

Besides, in the cafe at the mosque, it is possible to have lunch or organize a tea party in the Tatar national style at a cost of 500 rubles per person.

Excursions’ time for groups has to be agreed in advance!

To arrange group excursions, you can contact the Sales Department of the hotel by phone: +7 (499) 187-92-53 or by e-mail marketing@hotelturist.com.

At the reception of the hotel you can also take flyers, which provide discounts for the excursions in the Mosque for individual travelers. Excursions start every hour from 10.00 to 18.00, except Fridays. All necessary information for individual travelers you can inquire by phoning the Mosque at +7 (916) 088-45-61.

  • Price with the flyer:
  • Adult ticket - 200 rubles;.
  • Children’s ticket (under 18) - 100 rubles;
  • Pre-school children - free of charge.

Dear ladies! Please do not forget observance of the Muslim dress code - the entire body should be covered, except the face and hands. Clothing should not be too tight or shine through. Headgear is mandatory, since your hair and neck should be covered. You should also bring socks to keep your feet warm.

If you come in clothes, that are not respective to (Muslim) religious norms, you can take a gown at the entrance to the mosque and quietly go further. The excursion will be held inside the mosque, where you will not need outerwear.