Legal information

17 Selskokhozyaystvennaya St.,
Moscow 129226
Telephone + 7 499 187-68-36             

 Full name in accordance with the charter Documents  Joint Stock Company “Hotel Tourist”
Legal Аddress 17 Selskokhozyaystvennaya St.,Moscow, 115551
Working or Mailing Address 17 Selskokhozyaystvennaya St.,Moscow, 115551
Telephone (499) 187-68-36
PSRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1077760973674 (from Oct. 05, 2007)
ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number)/KPP (Code for the basis for tax registration) 7717600910 / 771701001
Banking details VTB Bank (Open Joint-Stock Company), Moscow
Checking account 40702810400050001237
Corresponding Account number 30101810700000000187
Russian BIC (Bank Identification Code) 044525187
OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations) 17183358
OKTMO (All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipal Units) 45360000
OKVED (All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity) 55.11
Director Ermant Ilya Aleksandrovich (Ilya A. Ermant)
Chief Accountant Smirnova Lyubov' Vasil'yevna (Lyubov V. Smirnova)