Unique New Year performances 2017 in Moscow

Christmas is a time of the year when the most secret wishes are fulfilled and miracles come true. It is not necessary to wait for Santa Claus to arrive or a clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is easy for a short time to become a real magician yourself and plunge into the magical world of science and magic tricks. Christmas children’s shows and a special scientific Christmas program, which offers participants trials, magic tricks, interactive experiments, and more will help parents with children.

This is the most interesting and entertaining holiday event in Moscow this winter.

Christmas Show "Snow Brothers"

The exploration of space is a whole science. Where else, but in the Museum of Astronautics, can one better learn about this topic? The show starts with a New Year's performance of "Snow Brothers". The audience will be acquainted with the Winter Fairy and her three sons, one of whom their mother decided to marry off to the Snow Maiden. Santa Claus comes up with a test for the brothers: they must travel to different planets and create a star for the main Christmas tree here on Earth from space dew. The first one to bring the star will become betrothed to her granddaughter. The play received the approval of an astronaut returning from orbit.


Performance "Science party"

The recreational science museum "Experimentanium" offers children to celebrate New Year’s with the show "Science New Year". Children can go on a fascinating quest within the museum, where they can not only see various physical and chemical experiments, but also conduct some by themselves, and choose to watch one of the shows SH.O.U "Lyuminum" or "Tesla". Of course, they will also receive a scientific gift.


The Show "Normal New Year on Proxima b"

Scientific laboratories of the Political Museum are invited to celebrate "A Normal New Year’s Eve on Proxima b". In the program are the discovery of a new planet, New Year’s science, a scientific New Years Eve, slightly mad scientists, holiday 3D-technology and serious practical exercises in biology, physics, math and chemistry. Children await unexpected discoveries and the best scientific gifts in the galaxy.


"Treasures of the Third Planet"

The Moscow Planetarium invites schoolchildren to take part in searches called "Treasures of the Third Planet". Participants of the program have a unique opportunity to explore the planets of the solar system. The action begins at the observatory, where an astrologer and his pupil live and work. Just before New Year’s a granddaughter of the astrologer is coming to them. Children accidentally break the device responsible for the motion of the Earth. Now, if the unit can’t be fixed it, then New Year won’t happen. You need special components to fix the machine. The observatory is transformed into a spaceship ...


Christmas Show "BioFirTree"

The biological experimental station (Bioexperimentanium) "Living Systems" quite naturally invites children to the "BioFirTree" New Year’s program. The program of the festival: a fabulous New Year's adventure, the science show "Freeze" and a gift. It turns out that the magical BIOtsarstvo is hexed. We can not celebrate New Year’s without snow and frost. To remove the spell, the boys go on a journey through an enchanted kingdom and find the magic keys. Locals will tempt young spectators into the world of magic and science, where even the most incredulous will believe in a New Year's miracle.


Scientific New Year

Experts of the project "Smart Moscow" together with chemists, physicists and biologists of Moscow State University have developed a different New Year's program - "Scientific New Year". The program consists of an interactive quest, on which the actions of each team depend the future of the New Year. There will be no singing and dancing: everything here is very serious: 4 stations dedicated to 4 different sciences. Kids have to go through a suspenseful quest with a variety of chemical transformations, puzzles about physics, biological experiments and geographical puzzles, and then collect their personal gifts based on how many points they’ve earned.


Christmas Party "Electric Tesla"

A really bright and unforgettable performance in scientific style has been prepared for visitors by the scientific and entertainment center "TESLA-HALL" Moscow, where during the New Year's holidays you can see "The Electric Tesla Kid’s Christmas Party". In the program: 15 Tesla transformers of various sizes and capacities; real lightning with lengths of from two to seven meters; Tesla show "Megavolt-Lord of lightning"; attraction "Cage of Fear"; a Plasma-Show; a Neon-Show, as well as the original plot of an electric Christmas tale.


Christmas Presentation "Science party Wow! How?"

Where else but in the halls of the Russian Academy of Sciences can dancing and singing be led around a "Scientific tree"? However, that definitely won’t be, but it offers a 3D laser-show, huge resonance transformers, Tesla coils, hundreds of liters of liquid nitrogen, giant barrels and flasks with reagents and many experiments. Before and after the presentation in the halls of the Academy of Sciences, children can try themselves in the role of a Mars land rover, a mad scientist or as an architect of the future in the expo areas.


New program on Mars Tefo

Why not thoroughly approach the development of the universe, for example, by taking a "New Year's Trip to Mars," on the eponymous station. You have a choice of several missions: "New Year's Eve: Students in Military Courses", "New Year's Eve: Trainees" and "New Year's Eve: Expedition 2060". Whatever you choose (and it depends primarily on the age of the young travelers to Mars), a scientific adventure and riddles with a taste of New Year’s on a space station of the future is guaranteed, because a New Year’s on Mars is rather unusual.


The School of Young Wizards

This year’s Christmas and New Year's holidays may be remembered by children not only for scientific shows, but also for scientific master classes. So, Eureka Park offers parents and children to visit the "School of the Young Wizard". In a class, you can learn about how color, light and sound originate. Young wizards will see their own voices, the eighth color of the rainbow and make ordinary flowers light up. They can also see in an instant a snowflake or even a snowfall with the wave of a magic wand and, of course, learn to make incredible gifts with their own hands.