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26 February, 28 February and 1 March 2010 the Russian group's concerts in support of this album, and the first time was held March 7 concert in Minsk. This show has become the most controversial concert event in the history of Belarus [citation needed 1308 days]. First Council of Veterans, and then advice on morals, composed of church leaders and members of the Writers' Union, called on the government of the country to the cancellation of the concert, accusing the team of "overt propaganda of homosexuality, sadomasochism and other perversions, cruelty, violence and obscenity" and stating that Rammstein threaten [13] "the Belarusian statehood" Nevertheless, the concert took place with the full house gathered a record number of visitors:.. more than 11 000 people [14] March 9, 2010 the band first visited Kiev. The first concert in the Ukraine gathered near the scene about 10 000 people.