Excursions to the Ostankino Television Center


Dear guests!

For organized groups of 10 or more people, we offer you excursions to the Ostankino Television Center.

The duration is 1.5 - 2 hours.

Tickets for adults are 750 rubles on weekdays / 1000 rubles on weekends.

Tickets prices for children under 16 years old are 550 rubles on weekdays / 800 rubles on weekends.
There is also available a wider program “Excursion + photo session and a “buffet” (pizza with drinks) in the studio of the TV program "In the World of Animals.

A Children’s ticket costs 760 rubles.

Adult ticket - 960 rubles.

In the hotel you can purchase tickets at a discounted price (by a prior arrangement and coordination of the date and time of the excursions with the Telecentre).

Entrance to the Telecentre is carried out only with your passports. Group pre-ordered guided excursions take place every day.

The excursion includes:

-Visits to the famous TV studios (studios may vary); />

- A visit to the Museum "History of radio and television equipment";

- A visit to the exhibition hall "Art and decorative complex" Ostankino TV Center;

- The exhibition of presents of the capital-show "Pole Chudes (Field of Miracles)" (a popular Russian game show);

- Going down to an underground passage under the street Akademika Koroleva and a walk along the "Corridor of History" between the two buildings of the Telecentre - ASC-1 and ASC-3;

- Fascinating story of the guide, which will open up the world of national television for you.

- Photo and video shooting.

On the excursion you will be able to:

- Learn the history of the Television center construction;

- Learn how the popular TV shows are shot;

- See the empty studio or the installation process of new decorations;

- Find out how to get to the shooting of a famous TV shows;

- To see an exhibition of costumes, which are involved in the TV shows and movies;

- Visit the museum of radio and television equipment history;

- Walk through the underpass, decorated in the style of graffiti, along the walls that reflect the history of the national television and major chronological milestones of Russia in the second half of the 20th century.